09 March 2016
08 March 2016

The RaptorLIFE project area is in North Cork taking in parts of East Kerry.

Much of the on-the-ground works, wildlife surveying and monitoring and stakeholder engagement will take place within the Stack’s to Mullaghareirk Mountains, West Limerick Hills and Mount Eagle Special Protection Area (SPA – Site Code: 4161). The SPA is designated for the conservation of the Hen harrier.

08 March 2016
08 March 2016

IRD Duhallow successfully secured its second EU LIFE+ Nature Project in 2014, which commenced February 2015. This €3million LIFE+ project is a 4.5 year project and aims to work with the local community to achieve a better environment for everyone in Duhallow. "Connecting and restoring habitats for Hen harrier, Merlin, Atlantic salmon and Brook lamprey in Duhallow, Ireland".

The first LAG in Ireland to access LIFE funding demonstrates that the Rural Development Company model is suitable for large-scale nature conservation projects.

07 March 2016
Survey work is now drawing to a close on what is possibly Ireland's most  significant winter roost for Hen harrier. Since early November 2015 volunteers have been surveying the winter roost, which is located outside of the Special Area of Protection, with the RaptorLIFE team based here in IRD Duhallow. Under the direction of Dr. Brin McDonnell, who is the local expert on Hen harrier, the crews have taken part in a rota covering the winter period right up to this month. 
05 March 2016
31 October 2015
Hen Harrier

Recent announcements to the media regarding Agri-environment schemes for farmers are to be welcomed. A major source of frustration for farming communities in upland areas has been the State's conservation strategies aimed at the conservation of Hen harrier. Whilst there has been a drive to develop the uplands in many areas for wind energy and previously for industrial scale commercial forestry, many upland farmers feel that they have been unfairly treated.

04 June 2015
European LIFE conference

So finally as we are coming to the end of the IRD DuhallowLIFE project and the beginning of a new EU LIFE project; RaptorLIFE. To celebrate these two momentous occasions we recently held a two day project conference in Newmarket. Co Cork. 

11 May 2015
EU LIFE Conference -

IRD Duhallow cordially invites you to attend the International EU LIFE conference celebrating hands on community participation in nature conservation, on the 21st and 22nd of May 2015. The conference marks the end of the current LIFE project and the commencement of a new RaptorLIFE project. There will be a wide range of interesting speakers including experts from Ireland, the UK, Belgium and Slovenia. The event is free but prior booking is essential.

22 February 2015
Freshwater Fish Report

New EU LIFE Freshwater Fish Report