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Restoring habitats of the River Allow, River Dalua and River Brogeen - Tributeries of the River Blackwater SAC for target annexed species

About Duhallow LIFE SAMOK Project

The IRD Duhallow LIFE SAMOK programme has been an innovative project carried out over the course of the last four and a half years.

This Project initiated a conservation and restoration strategy for many endangered fish, mammals and birds found in the Munster Blackwater River Special Area of Conservation, which included farmland and in-stream works along the Allow River.

Co-financed by the EU Commission and the Irish exchequer, this €1.9m project is run in partnership with Inland Fisheries Ireland.

Key project on-the-ground actions are aimed at improving and protecting animal species of European importance; European otter, Kingfisher, Atlantic salmon and Freshwater Pearl Mussel found in the Upper River Blackwater.

The River Blackwater is a special area of conservation.

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Catchment Management Group

This group is made up of a variety of stakeholders from local landowners to state bodies –  National Parks and Wildlife.

This initiative aims to improve river management on the Blackwater River by first concentrating on the River Allow catchment where a model of management that involves all of the key interest groups can be developed.

The aim is to find common ground and share resources in attempts to improve and water quality for everybody’s benefit.

The group meet every 6 weeks and each meeting focuses on a specific topic. Queries that are raised at a meeting are addressed on an ongoing basis & other relevant issues will be highlighted & addressed as the meetings & group evolve.

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