The Duhallow Birdwatching group and IRD Duhallow RaptorLIFE are hosting an information Seminar on Thursday 23rd June entitled “The Amazing Swift” with guest Speaker Lynda Huxley.

The Swift is an enigmatic bird that comes to our towns and villages from May through to August. They are truly amazing birds as they fly for most of their lives, only landing to breed. When a fledgling swift leaves its nest it will fly for two years non-stop before it lands again. Swifts breed in old buildings mostly behind facia boards and gutters. In the past 15 years the population has declined by 46% in Ireland. For the past three years Lynda has been working to try to reverse the declining population by installing and promoting the use of next boxes, and raising awareness.

To find out more about The Amazing Swift why not come along on this educational lecture at 7:30 pm on Thursday the 23rd June in the James O’Keeffe Institute, Newmarket.

Booking essential! To book your place please contact Katie on 029 60633


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